Drop Camps & Semi Guided.

Hunt Drop Camps
What is a drop camp?
This is where we pack you and/or your gear on horseback to a designated camp spot. We then leave you for a specific amount of time and then come back for you. You may either ride or you may hike into your campsite.

Why would I want a drop camp?
Drop camps are an alternative for the in-shape experienced hunter who may be on a budget or who may just not want to feed livestock all year to use for 1 week a year but wants to get away from the crowds and access the remote parts of elk country and have energy enough when he gets there to actually hunt. They are less than half the price of a fully guided hunt and they allow you to run the camp the way you already know how without someone telling you when and how to hunt.

General Drop Camp Information
We offer Outfitted and Non-Outfitted for hunters who prefer a more do-it-yourself type of hunt. All of the Drop Camps are located in the backcountry best accessed by horseback and pack string. These are camps located in excellent country.

We suggest booking as early as possible to guarantee your adventure.

A semi-guided hunt is one of the best values in hunting today. This type of hunt includes camp, meals, advise, and direction; everything but the guide.

If you harvest an animal, you are responsible for field dressing the animal and making it ready for transportation. LWRO will transport meat and trophy to a taxidermist and meat locker. The meat can be hung to cool or cut, wrapped, and frozen for you to take home, or ship.  Any third-party processing or taxidermy fees are your responsibility.